10 Essential Apps for Shopify POS That You Need to Know

Shopify POS is an application that lets you sell your products at markets, pop ups, and in-store. Order processing and accepting payments are all done from your Android phone, iPad, or iPhone. With Shopify POS you can search for a customer’s product, accept payments and print or send their receipt by email. Shopify POS offers a bevy of great features and capabilities built right in. But you can also extend the flexibility of this mobile POS with the help of a few key apps. After scouring the Shopify app ecosystem, we’ve rounded up some of the top-rated apps that can make in-person selling that much easier. From loyalty programs to referral systems to automated invoices, these apps can enhance the abilities of Shopify POS while also automating or streamlining everyday retail tasks. Today Junothemes will spend time sharing you 10 Essential Apps for Shopify POS That You Need to Know. This list will include Free and Premium Apps.

Ready to read up on them? Here are our top picks for merchants to consider.

#1.  Points, VIP, Referral Programs

Cost: Free

Create a Total Rewards Program With Points, Referrals, and VIP Tiers

  • PointsEncourage profitable actions that drive customer loyalty by issuing points.
  • ReferralsEncourage existing customers to refer their friends and promote your store for you.
  • VIP ProgramsGive increasing rewards to your best customers as they interact more with your store.

Turn Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

Smile.io allows you to quickly set up and run your own rewards program. When you reward your customers they are much more likely to return and make repeat purchases. Over 15,000 merchants are boosting revenue and repeat purchases with a Smile.io program. These merchants are seeing a 15% increase year-over-year in revenue and a 20% increase in repeat purchases. Helping you grow your revenue is priority number one for us. That is why you can run a points and referral program at no cost on our free plan.

#2. Rewards and Referrals

Cost: Free

  • Proven-effective rewards program, referral program, and email capture for Shopify stores…all in one easy-to-use app!
  • With over 10 unique ways to reward your customers and enterprise-level customization tools, your program will be a perfect extension of your brand!
  • Benefit from our generous free plan: virtually all of our reward options and many other features are 100% free to use until you reach 100 orders/month!

With one click, you can install a powerful, highly customizable rewards program, referral program, and newsletter signup tool for your Shopify store!

Swell helps all types of Shopify merchants earn more revenue. In fact, many of our merchants have increased sales from repeat customers by over 100% within a month of installing. With Swell, you can reward your customers for over 10 unique actions, including:

  • NEW: Writing Product Reviews (for Yotpo users)
  • Spending More with Your Business (Spend $X, Get $Y)
  • Making More Purchases with Your Business (Make X Purchases, Get $Y)
  • Referring others to your store
  • Creating a store account
  • Interacting with you on social media (following you on Twitter, visiting your Facebook Page, tweeting or retweeting posts about your business, etc.)

#3. Wholesale Pricing

Cost: $24.00 – $49.00 / month

  • Offer Discounts to selected customers, collections and individual products in the same shop as retail, without duplicating variants
  • Multiple Pricing Levels and Minimums e.g. Gold customers get 10% Off Shirts (each product minimum 12), and 20% Off Accessories (each product minimum 6)
  • The only solution Compatible with Shopify Sales Channels & 3rd party Inventory Management (see reviews)

Create multiple, flexible discount rules, or import custom fixed prices per product variant

Discounts are applicable only to signed in, tagged customers (examples: wholesalers, premium or gold members). Unlike other apps, Wholesale prices are not shown in public anywhere, including Google Shopping Feeds and all Shopify Channels (e.g. Pinterest, Buy Buttons…)

By default, discounts are computed based on ‘Compare at’ price (Suggested retail price, MSRP) when it is set, otherwise on Price. For example, say an item costs $100, and Wholesalers have a 50% discount. At some point you put the item on sale at $70, while leaving the Compare at price to $100. Regular customers will pay $70, and Wholesalers will pay $50. If the item is on sale at $40, then everybody will pay $40 for it. You can change the base price to sale Price field in Settings.

#4. Loyalty


  • Increase customer loyalty, repeat purchases and referrals
  • Gain customer insights
  • Shopify Plus featured loyalty app (LoyaltyLion supports all Shopify plans)

LoyaltyLion is an award winning loyalty software company that is trusted by thousands of ecommerce brands and millions of customers worldwide. We’re a Shopify Plus technology partner and work with ecommerce stores of all sizes.

Using LoyaltyLion

Use LoyaltyLion to add your own loyalty program in minutes and gain valuable customer insights. Increase activity and customer happiness by offering points any activity including signups, purchases, birthdays, Facebook Likes, social referrals and more. Your customers will collect points and redeem them for rewards to use at your store, which encourages long term loyalty and increases revenue.

#5. Spently

Cost: Free

  • Easily customize ALL of your Shopify Notification emails (Order Confirmations, Shipping Confirmations, Abandoned Checkout Emails + more)
  • Use Shopify Notifications, Auto Follow-up emails, and Abandoned Checkout emails to drive repeat sales by upselling recommended products and offering personalized discount codes.
  • Measure the ROI and customer engagement of your Shopify Notification emails

Send more engaging emails! Using Spently, you can turn your Shopify Notification emails into marketing opportunities with product recommendations, discounts, and more follow-up emails after every purchase. Easily modify templates to include more branding, images, social links and measure results. No coding required!

#6. Gift Reggie

Cost: Free

  • One-Click Install
  • Completely White Label
  • Integrates with Shopify’s Existing Customer Accounts and Products

Gift Reggie is one of the first white label gift registry & wish list solutions for Shopify. It’s affordable and can be installed with one-click. It automatically takes on the look and feel of your store’s design, giving you a complete branded experience. We know you don’t want a ‘Universal’ or a ‘Social Network’ gifting app. which just sends your customers to another website. We know how much it can cost for a custom wish list and gift registry, but it shouldn’t be more than your entire e-commerce site. This is why we’ve created Gift Reggie and why we think you’re going to love it!

#7. Beautiful Loyalty Program

Cost: Free

  • Designed especially for Shopify POS & eCommerce stores
  • Up to 13 ways to reward points
  • Make it your own – Advanced & easy customization

Increase revenue and customer retention with a fully customizable loyalty program

Looking to increase customer loyalty, encourage social activity, and give customers an extra reason to shop with you over your competition? Whether you’re selling online, in person, or both, Loyalty for Shopify is a must have Shopify App. Choose the features to suit your store:

✔️ Easily customizable

✔️ Automate customer loyalty emails

✔️ Up to 13 ways members can earn points

✔️ Easily create motivating rewards

✔️ VIP tiers

✔️ Reporting and analytics

✔️ And more…

#8. Point of Sale

Cost: Free

  • Sell your products anywhere with the Shopify POS app and free card reader
  • Tap to add products to cart, accept payments, and email receipts
  • Track customers, inventory, and orders with Shopify

Easily sell your products in-store and at markets, pop up shops, trade shows, and anywhere else with Shopify POS. No matter where the sale takes place, your orders, inventory, and customers are automatically updated on your Shopify store.

Why choose Shopify POS:

  • Instantly start selling as soon as you download the app
  • Securely accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and Android Pay payments with the Shopify credit card reader
  • Process all credit cards at the same rate with no hidden fees for as low as 2.2% + 0¢
  • Email custom receipts with discounts and return policies
  • Encourage repeat business by adding discounts to orders
  • Manage multiple locations at once
  • Automatically set up sales taxes based on location
  • Gain business insights using sales reports and analytics
  • Issue refunds right on the spot

#9. Stock & Buy

Cost: Free

  • Keep track of your costs, purchase prices and inventory
  • Seamless multiple Shopify stores support and Xero integration.
  • Dropshipping and sync inventory from your suppliers

One inventory Platform for one or multiple Shopify stores

Keep your online business running smoothly by tracking your inventory and orders across your channels from one place. We will automatically adjust your stock levels as orders come in.

This app works by monitoring new orders and inventory data in real-time between Shopify, Stock&Buy, and other channels if you have any.

IMPROTANT: we all inventory changes must be done inside Stock&Buy.

#10. Order Printer

Apps for Shopify POS, Order Printer | Shopify Retail blog

Cost: Free

While most retail processes no longer require paper, when merchants ship out products, inevitably there are some printed pieces necessary to communicate with customers. Whether it’s packing slips or shipping labels, retailers need to be able to print these quickly and seamlessly.

That’s where the Shopify-created Order Printer app can help. Order Printer ensures that it’s easy to print branded packing slips, shipping labels, invoices, and receipts — and you can print them in bulk if needed, to save even more time.

Hoping via this article you will choose and find the best solution for your Shopify POS plan. You can reference more Here. If you have any questions or wonders, please contact us via email: support@junothemes.com or leave a comment below. We will check and reply you right now!

Have a nice day!

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