7 Essential Tips to Drive Online Sales 2017

It can not be disputable that a strong online marketing presence actually plays a crucial role in the success of any kind of business company. In fact, there are a variety of ways and shortcuts to increase online sales. Many of them are costly and truly effective. But apart from that, you can totally find numerous approaches which are much cheaper and effective as well. In this article, we will introduce you 7 Essential Tips to Drive Online Sales. All of these are simple and won’t take much money but work extremely well in speed up your sale. Don’t wait anymore, discover and follow the tactics below to assure a good sale in your business.

#1.  Integrate Instagram

Everyone knows that Instagram is one of the most popular social network in the world. In addition, a recent study has found that Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social media platform. All the secrets are: right hashtag, appropriate filter and at the right time. And always remember, the key to mastering Instagram marketing is engagement with your users. In fact, there a various way to reach this goal, such as organizing some campaign, contests or conditional discount or showing positive customer testimonials (with pictures, of course) to grab user’s attention to you and your products/services.

#2.  Sign up for a Facebook store

Obviously, Facebook is another big social platform that has more than 1 billion users all over the world. Nobody can deny Facebook’s influence on many different aspects of life and work, especially on business discipline. You can sell your products or services directly through a Facebook store and it will attract many people’s attention thanks to the great popularity of this social network. In addition, it’s easy to set up, and a great channel for making sales. Even more convenient, it integrates directly with your Shopify store, so you won’t have to keep a separate track for inventory changes.

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#3. Capture more Email subcribers

Email is always a traditional but still effective approach in online marketing. Its might be a complementary tool to drive traffic to your store, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are way too many tweets and Facebook posts for us to keep with, but people still cherish new messages sent to their personal emails. Plus, email gives you the space to say things that just can’t fit into a social media post. Here is  some data from big surveys that can be strong evidences to prove how effective email is:

  • Email has an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association)
  • 80% of people say they receive marketing messages alongside their personal emails on a daily basis.
  • 70% of people make use of coupons or discounts they learn about from email.
  • 60% of people say that receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list from a business


#4. Organize Regular Email Campaigns

Possessing a bunch of emails is meaningless if you don’t send email to them regularly. There are many appropriate occasions that you can keep in touch with your subscribers via email for example: a welcome letter for the first time they sign up, an announcement to inform that their orders are being processed and on the way out, a thank-you letter after purchasing or even some regular newsletters to let subscribers know new discount offers, or company plans or other fun news.

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#5. Reduce Abandoned Cart

In fact, there are many hesitations of the customer from the intention of making purchase to the final step of checking out. Getting rid of these hesitations, you will be able to make a lot of potential orders become true. It’s the dream of many company to optimize their sale target. So how to do?

Many studies show that significant percentage of those who abandoned their carts (or part of their carts) may yet be convinced to complete their purchase. Perhaps they can be persuaded with a discount, or the offer of free shipping, or maybe they never even meant to exit from their cart in the first place because their computer crashed. So one of the most direct and effective way to resolve this problem is sending an email emphasizing more benefits they will get to persuade them to complete their purchase.

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#6. Optimize your Website Performance

The most important of all,  you guess what? Of course, it’s website’s design. No matter how excellent your social networks and email marketing are, once the customer click on your address, they will very likely give up their original purchase intention due to a bad website design and uncomfortable experience. So, make it easy for your customers to get what they want. Don’t forget to focus on your store “appearance” from the value proposition, product descriptions, navigation, the balance between text and visuals and even many smaller factors. You can not know which of them will have how significant influence on customer’s experience so optimize as many of these as possible.

There are lots of ways for you to improve your store. If your theme isn’t really converting well for you, take a look at some of the other great themes on offer from Shopify.


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#7. Get more product reviews

Product reviews are a form of testimonials. You see immediately what people are saying about a product that you’re considering purchasing. According to the online magazine Internet Retailer, you can increase your ecommerce conversion rate by 14-76% by adding product reviews to your online store. Plus, having product reviews increases the amount of content on a page and also increases the probability that you hit a few long tail keywords.

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All in all, these are 7 Essential Tips to Drive Online Sales 2017 we want to share you. If youa re doing online bussiness and need some tips to increase sales, please take time and read our tips above. Surely you will be smarter and think creative ideas for your business. Besides, we also showcase you some our themes via some images above, if you want to try it on, don’t hesitate to go head. And in the process of using our theme, you meet any problems or wonders, please leave a below comment or contact us via email: support@junothemes.com. We will check and support you well

Thanks a lot for watching!

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