Best Rated Customer Service Apps for Shopify Stores

You must have purchased something in your life so you know very well the importance of a good customer service in your business success. Yes, it is undoubtable that along with the high quality of product, excellent marketing strategies, the last but not least thing that can impact the decision of customers to purchase from your store again is how they were treated during the transaction and communication. And it is called customer service.

However, many of the business owners, especially small one, didn’t appreciate right the true role of this final step in their business. As a result, they lost many regretful orders due to this ignorance. So, if you are reading this blog post, you will be different from them. You know how to optimize your best sale and which step should be noticed to develop your Shopify store. And the reason we are here is to provide you really useful help in order to possess good customer service and boost your sale immediately. Now, let’s look at List of Best Rated Customer Service Apps for Shopify Stores below and find out what you are lacking!

Chat Apps

#1. Facebook Chat by Beeketing

Cost: Free

Facebook is now the most popular social network that has more than 1 billion active users all over the world. Many customers spend a lot of their time on Facebook everyday for many purpose: entertainment, shopping, chatting, and news updating. With Facebook Chat you can chat with customers by Facebook accounts, right on your store. Moreover, you will be able to view customers’ profiles and then get closer to and engage with them to increase sale. One more advantage is the ability of supporting customers anywhere, anytime, even on your mobile phone.

Customer Service Apps

#2. Tidio Live Chat

Cost: Free-15$/month

Tidio Live Chat is a service that allow you to chat with your client as soon as they visit your site by automatic prompt message like “Hi, How can I help you?”. The integration is very simple without requirement of any code changes, registration or login. Tidio Live Chat can assure your 100% online present thanks to their mobile apps (Android, iOs, Desktop).  Other features include: Offline contact form, Multi-language support and many more!

Customer Service Apps

Form and Survey Apps

#3. Easy Contact Form

Cost:  Free

This app provides you with a responsive and customizable Contact Form coming along with a beautiful background image. Easy Contact Form, as its name suggest, is so easy to use: No coding required. Easy Installation. In addition, it won’t slow down your website and is secure with Ajax and HTML5 technology

Customer Service Apps

#4. Improved Contact Form

Cost: Free

Another app that can provide you an instant eye catching “contact us” page is Improved Contact Form. The form is easy to customize that you can change any fields on the form (name, phone, address, etc…). You can receive contact form submissions at your existing mailbox, no need to log in to a website to check messages. Especially, Smart contact form tells you the submitter’s location (city, state, country), their IP address, how they found your site and a list of pages they viewed before contacting you.

Customer Service Apps

Return and Exchange Apps

#5. Return Magic

Cost: Free

Return Magic integrates with your Shopify or Shopify Plus store to create a seamless return experience for your customers. Using Return Magic, you will be able to easily refund your clients on their original payment method (including PayPal, Amazon Payments, Shopify Payments, etc.), process exchanges or issue new gift card refunds. The app is simple to set up, customize and use.

Customer Service Apps

#6. Return Center by AfterShip

Cost: Free

AfterShip bring you an useful tool to manage customer’s return. Not only because of its ease of setting up, the app is so simple and convenient for any one to use. Your customers start a return by a few clicks from your branded Returns Center.

Customer Service Apps

Question & Answer Apps

#7. HelpCenter

Cost: Free

The most effective way to answer your customer’s question is to allow them to find the answer themselves. FAQ is a more and more popular way of answering and giving more information about you, your products/services to customer. With HelpCenter, you can

  • Create an easy-to-navigate and searchable FAQs page.
  • Publish Searchable Articles, Sections and Categories.
  • Let your customers submit questions they can’t find the answers to.
  • Make your FAQs page look solid and professional

#8. Product Question and Answer

Cost: Free-4.99 $/month

It is really an app that is produced for the purpose. Easy to install, the app allows your visitors to ask questions about your products from product pages. Then you get question notification and link to question page via Email to your preferred email ID. After that, you can specify notification email ID which can be of any person, either your own or of Support Person. Once question is answered, it can be either published or hidden from product page.

Customer Service Apps


All in all, these are Best Rated Customer Service Apps for Shopify Stores  we want to share you. If you  are doing online bussiness and need some tips to increase sales, please take time and read our tips above. Surely you will be smarter and think creative ideas for your business. Besides, we also showcase you some our themes via some images above, if you want to try it on, don’t hesitate to go head. And in the process of using our theme, you meet any problems or wonders, please leave a below comment or contact us via email: We will check and support you well

Thanks a lot for watching!

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  1. Jennifer Cohen September 23, 2017 at 5:35 am - Reply

    My favorite app for service is the SMS slider. I saw it on the Sabbatical Beauty store and added it to mine. Nothing has been more convenient for me.

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