How to create filter tag and color swatch for Shopify Products

how to create filter tag and color swatch

Hey guys,
In the process of developing, Junothemes have released near 40 Shopify Themes being sold on Themeforest, on-site and some other markets. We received so many good reviews and compliments about Design Quality and Super Customer Support. However there are also many customers ask us for support some problems when setting up the website. One of the most popular issues almost our clients usually ask is that How to create filter tag and color swatch for Shopify Products. They feel confused between these concepts. Therefor today Junothemes will spend time on guiding you how to set up them for your website. Hoping through this helpful tutorial you will understand more deeply about them and know how to use.

This guide will include 2 parts. Please Take a look and follow these step below!

A.  How to create filter tags

As you know, filter use tag in backend to show frontend. If you want to show filter for price, color, size outside. Simply practice steps by steps:

  • Step 1. From Admin -> Product Page-> Add product then Add title, image and tag



  • Step 2. Go to Customize to config

Please from Customize -> Sidebar Filter to set up filter tag you want to show on the front page

These tags are similar with the tags in Products you tag in Step 1 including colors, price and size

Filter By will be used for the whole of products of the website. Which product has those tags when you filter it will show all them on the website

For example: Tag colors (red, blue, yellow..), size (S, M, L..), price ($10-$50, $50-$100, $100-$200..)

These tag will be shown on the front page


C:\Users\HuyPD\Desktop\Shopify files\3.png



B. How to create Color Swatch

For each product you want to show color swatch you have to Add Variant for it.  Add Size, Color



Collection Page


Single Product

single product

Remember: You can choose the name of colors right here

In all, if you meet any problems in the process of creating filter and color swatch, please visit our guide and follow step by step. They are easy to set up.  In case you still wonder, please leave a below comment or send us via email support: Within 24 hours we will reply to you well.

Thanks so much for watching!

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