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How are you today? We are so happy when you and your business are so good. Junothemes is more and more developing in the Shopify market. We always maintain our speed to design and develop so many beautiful Shopify Themes. Each theme we have detailed guide documentation or video tips about how to set up theme, install apps or config some errors..Recently our customers meet problem of creating Megamenu for their website. Today we will spend time introducing you a blog of How to create Megamenu in Shopify. Hoping via this guide, they can understand deeper and can create a perfect megamenu themselves.

We will guide how to create Megamenu in Beat Responsive Shopify Theme. Please follow our below steps!

Beatshop – Responsive Shopify Theme is so cool for you to build up. It is perfect for selling clothing,cookery, accessories, fashion, high fashion, men fashion, women fashion, digital, kids, watches, jewelries, shoes, bags, glasses …..It is designed and tested to be 100% responsive so it works & displays flawlessly on all types of devices including smartphones and tablets.

With the perfect combination of White background, well-structured layout,colors and texture create the theme customers a friendly viewing in customer’s eyes. The creative design style mixturing with new modern technologies Font Awesome 4, CSS3, HTML5 is perfect to be concerned as an eCommerce solution for an Shopify online Fashion store.

Before we can create megamenu we need to finish all below steps:

#1. Download Package

After we finish download package, please unzip the file and you would see the following packages:

  • Guides – our detail documentation for the theme
  • Theme folder – for manual installation
  • Source – the PSD files of the theme
  • Licensing – the theme license

#2. Install theme

When everything is ok, please log in to your Shopify store and go to the Online Store/Themes. From there, click on Upload a Theme and upload the .zip file from the ‘upload’ folder included with this package. Then remember to publish it!


#3.  Install App stores

There are many apps you can use for theme including Free and Premium. It will depend on your using goal to install suitable apps so that your website is more perfect and doesn’t exist errors. Before we also had a blog of Top 30 Indispensable Free Apps in Shopify App Store. You can read and reference them!

Here are some Free essential apps we usually install our themes


Beat_ apps

Now we will go to the main part of this blog “How to create Megamenu”

Step 1: From Online Store -> Navigation -> Create main menu for your website that show on homepage. In case you want to add a new menu, please click into Add menu item

main menu

Step 2: Click Add menu to create new item menu links for your main menu


Step 3: Config Megamenu in Customize

After you create items for megamenu, please go to Customize to config Megamenu. Remember that the name in “Parent name of dropdown menu” is the same in Megan displayed and the name doesn’t put Letter. For example: in the box of Parent name of dropdown menu “new in” not “New in”. If you let New in it will not show megamenu for you on frontend


All the above tips does not work?

If you tried all the mentioned tips above but still have issue. Don’t worry, send us a support ticket at: to get support within 24 hours in business days. If you submit in the weekend (Saturdays and Sunday), you should get reply by Monday. You also send to our support channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+, Pinterest…We will reply you right now! Besides Junothemes also deploy 3 membership packages with many indispensable benefits including Starter, Standard and Developer Membership. You can visit and choose the most suitable one for your store!

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