How to make the first sales from a new online store

how to make the first sales

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Nowadays, the market is more and more competitive. The sellers are more than the buyers. For each enterprise now getting the first sales from their new online store is very important. Before they spend much time, money and hope on its great development. Making the first sale is a turning point for your business. However, getting to that point isn’t easy to do. It requires us to have a clear plan as well as powerful strategies to struggle other competitors in the market. In fact we also have many good methods to improve this problem. Today Junothemes will spend a little time introducing you some useful tips about “How to make the first sales from a new online store”. I know it is quite hard to start, but don’t worry.

It’s hard to know where to begin, but don’t worry! “The first step is the hardest”. Follow these seven tips and you’ll be well on your way to making your first eCommerce sale.

1.  Write blogs or articles to introduce new products

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As soon as your online store has new products or services, quickly upload them to your websites and plan to write blogs, articles introducing about them or make video introducing how to use, how to install..Remember to edit their contents perfectly, optimize SEO including H1, H2 tag, meta, alt, image… to get many traffic, visitors to your website.

2. Share on social channels


You can share your new products or services on your social channels such Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube… Even you can share your articles writing them. Like so if you have a big number of customers on your social network, this is a great advantage for you to get the sales. Remember to insert images onto your posts so that they will look wonderful.

3. Send Newsletter

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Surely you have a list of potential customers and new customers, this is a good chance for you to send email to them notifying about your company’s new products or services. You can use Mailchimp. The proportion to get sales from customers is quite high

4.  Create Coupon code

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Everyone likes deal. For the first products or new ones, released one it is necessary for you to have promotion, sale of 20-30% to encourage your customers to buy products. When they buy your products and see their efficiency as well as the best quality, surely they will introduce them to their family, relatives, friends, colleagues if they have demand. This will be a long term strategy for you and your company. We need to implement it when there are special events happening.

5. Contact with suppliers

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You can usually contact with your suppliers because surely when you use their products it will have maintenance + support time. When your customers buy products and meet problems you can ask them to support within 24 hours. Like so your customers will be happy with your customer support services. Surely they will come back again.

6. Add friends on Facebook or Skype

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One of the easiest and fastest ways to make your first online sale is by leveraging the power of Facebook or Skype. This social media powerhouse has two separate mechanisms for you to launch your brand. Sometimes Skype is not popular, not all people have skype but all of them have Facebook. It is easy for you to talk, discuss with customers the fastest.

7. Use Google Adword

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Sometimes you can spend money on using google adword to increase sale. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, at its core, is the act of buying site traffic. Although PPC marketing can be nuanced, it’s a pretty sure fired way to get site visitors and, thereby, sales. Use your AdWords credit to drive targeted traffic to your online store. Finding the right audience across millions of websites can be difficult and when you’re paying per click, the costs can add up.

8. Facebook advertising


Facebook advertising can be a great way to access a very targeted audience. Similar to Google AdWords, advertising on Facebook is PPC. Because almost everyone uses Facebook everyday. This one is very effective but cost

9. Take reviews from customers

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When you have the first sales, it is essential for you to support and take reviews from customers. As a result, your products will be more believable and preferable in user’s eyes. They like to see the good reviews from other customers about the quality of products.

10. Finding potential markets


Finally, you can search potential markets for your products then upload them to there. You can use some useful tools to check SEO, visitors, traffic to these sites.

In conclusion, there are many ways to get the first sales. It depends on our ability as well as strategies we use effectively or not. We should have enough knowledge about products and services so that we can answer all questions of customers before they buy.  Hoping via this article you can experience and apply them to your business. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t as you go, and don’t be discouraged if getting your first few sales takes longer than you expected. Just be patient because, like any business, it’ll take some time to grow. Everything will grow well if you are keen on and believable on your business plan and surely it will be successful in the feature.

Thanks for listening!

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