How to set up 360 View on Liftsupply Shopify Theme

How to set up 360 View in Liftsupply Theme

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Today Junothemes continues to introduce you a tutorial about How to set up 360 View on Liftsupply Shopify Theme. It is simple but there are so many sending us email and asking support for this issue. Therefore I decide to write a detailed blog guiding everyone about how to set up it within some minutes. Hoping when you meet this issue, you can follow my article and do it yourself well

Step 1: From Admin ->Go to Product page -> Add a new product or edit a product. Then add all images that show 360 View. The images are .jpg or .png

add images


Step 2: Go to Collection -> Create a small collection for 360 view. You can put a name for it. Then add a product you uploaded some images displaying 360 view in Step 1




Step 3: Go to Customize -> Homepage Section 360 Degree ->Config

You can choose the small collection you have just done in Step 2 and put a name for it as that you like


Home 1


Home 2


In all, above is the guide how to create 360 View. If you buy our Liftsupply Shopify Theme and meet problem in this part, please take a time and follow my guide. Surely you will do it well yourself. Remember to follow our social channels to update the latest information.

Live Demo Download

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