How to set up Currency in Shopify Theme


As you know, Shopify is more and more used popular than before. It is known as a versatile and perfect one that can fit many kinds of business. Many users have used Shopify for a long time and recognized it as a one stop solution which enables shoppers to purchase with freedom. Before Junothemes also had an article about topic Why Choose Shopify for Your Online Store. Simply, with Shopify, everything can work well together, Integration of great build-in features, Simple backend administration, Great customer support, Various payment gateways, Low cost, Various powerful apps in Appstore…In fact when customers purchase themes and start installing and setting up, they still meet some problems such as unzip the file packages before uploading theme, installing some apps or know to Customize in admin…Today Junothemes will share you the guide How to set up Currency in Shopify Theme. This is  although in documentation we guided clearly about this. However, we will instruct you more details below. Please take time and follow our steps!

If you haven’t had store, please start your free trial there

Before after we upload theme to the store, please some our notes about installing some apps

App install


How to Set up Currency

Step 1: Go to Admin -> Settings -> General -> Currency -> Change formatting


Step 2: Please copy these into your setting. For example if you use € is your main Currency

  • HTML with Currency

<span class=”money”>€{{amount}} EUR</span>

  • HTML without currency

<span class=”money”>€{{amount}}</span>

  • Email with currency

€{{amount}} EUR

  • Email without currency


If you use other currency, only Replace € -> $, £, Rs…

Step 3: Then go to Customize to set up Currency to show them in frontend. You want to show how many currencies to support on your store, only need to write their names there. See this image below

Demo Download

Hoping via some simple steps above, you will be smarter and understandable all essential things for Setting up Currency. Pleas take time and have a look on it.

Thanks a lot!

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