How to update a Shopify Theme

how to update a Shopify Theme

Hey guys,

Recently Junothemes is in the process of updating our Shopify Themes. So many our beloved customers sent us email to ask about the update issue. They usually meet some problems when updating theme. Today we will spend a little time guiding you How to update a Shopify Theme. Hoping it will be helpful and convenient for users when being informed to have a update version from the supplier. In this tutorial we take Pencil Shopify Theme as example to display this change.

Here are some small steps helping you to follow this tutorial faster

1. Download your old theme -> save in a folder on Desktop or somewhere you want to save
2. Unzip the update theme package file you downloaded from Themeforest
3. Copy both the old theme and the new one to the same folder (Remember to copy the homepage theme you are using for your store, for example: Home1,2..)
4. Replace

  • Find and Copy all data in the old version in Assets  folder including images.jpg, .png -> the Asset folder in the new one
  • Go to “Config” folder of the old theme -> Copy and replace the file “settings_data.json” into “Config” Folders of the new one

5. Zip the new one you have just updated ->upload to your store -> Publish

Please follow this video

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