junestore responsive

Fully Responsive Design

Flexible & responsive: Every template is designed at best of flexible and responsive, perfect viewing on any screen resolution

junestore menu

Flexible Megamenu

With Mega Menu you can divide them into sub-menus. There is a lot of space there, so collection of products will fit in as well. Yes, this is possible and really easy to accomplish

junestore quickview

Beautiful Quick View

The theme integrates quick view with customized design to show off products in popup beautifully in multiple fields including color, size, style, material, prize..

junestore filter

Powerful Search & Filter

This function helps your customers to choose and filter products they want easily and quickly when viewing on the page

What make our themes unique?

  • Endless Customization

    The powerful administration panel with tons of built-in functionality: Layout configuration, Megamenu, Live theme customization, etc
  • Flexible Layout + Multiple Skins

    The Responsive Shopify Theme includes numbers of alternative styles, you can select to use any of those available skin for your site.