Top 8 Free Sales Apps for Your Shopify Store (Updated 2017)

Today, many and many people choose to start up with an online business. This trend is so promising not only because it can bring huge profit but it is easy to do and doesn’t need much budget. In fact, there are many platforms that can be chosen as the starting point for this kind of project. A lot of people are more likely to choose Shopify because it is relatively SEO friendly and offers a certain number of free themes. In addition, it is an appropriate choice for those who want to start small businesses.

Another advantage of Shopify is its abundant app store that offers many powerful apps to promote your business. In this article, JunoThemes is so happy to provide you with list of Top 8 Free Sales Apps for Your Shopify Store (Updated 2017) that can boost your sale effectively. All of the apps in this list is highly rated by thousands webmasters all over the world and surely will play an crucial role in your online business. Let’s check out!

#1. Sales Pop

Sales Pop as the No.1 Free app in Sale categories for a long while with nearly 3000 positive reviews. This is a Must-Have app for your Shopify store for many reasons:

  • Highly customizable messages, positions, display time
  • Create your own custom notifications to create a busy sense for your store
  • Hide notifications of orders which are too old or show notifications randomly
  • Desktop and mobile responsive with eye-catching design
  • Take up minimal space and resources on your site
  • One-click installation, no coding required

sales apps for shopify store

#2. Consistent Cart

Consistent Cart is another worth consider app to boost sale for your online store. Used by 10,000+ stores, this app works in the background to reduce the abandoned cart rate and supercharge your sales. Consistent cart can help you:

  • Add a Consistent Shopping Cart to your store
  • Completely automate abandoned cart emails and push notifications
  • Come with the amazing Add to Cart Popup, increasing conversions by up to 30%
  • Bring customers back to your site with the Advanced Title Bar

sales apps for shopify store

#3 Quick View

Quick view is an extremely useful app to help reduce shopping time and improve customer experience. It is one of the top app in sale category of app store. Its main features includes:

  • Instant Product Details preview from any Collection page
  • Fancybox based pop-up
  • Able to add products to the cart and update shopping cart via Ajax.
  • Easy to use, just install and run without configuration
  • No HTML/CSS knowledge required.
  • Support all major browsers
  • Fully customizable pop-up and quickview button design

sales apps for shopify store

#4. Web Browser Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications are immediate and web browser based, they are guaranteed to hit your customer wherever they are on the web 24/7. With Web Browser Push Notifications, you can:

  • Transform your abandoned carts into sales
  • Boost return customer traffic and sales by sending Web Push Notifications
  • Increase sales by up to 30% by sending targeted offers and deals to your customers ( for example promotions, recommend products, etc…)

sales apps for shopify store

#5. Recart

Developped by Recart, this is really an useful app for any Shopify store. Recart can boost your sales with 6 powerful and innovative features. The app has been already working for 2,000 Shopify owners and gain a lot of high appreciations. Even better, you can start your 90 day free trial and experience its full features of 6 different apps:

  • Add to Cart Popup (Only at Recart)
  • Abandoned Cart Campaigns (Email + Push + Text)
  • Push Notifications
  • Email Capture (Only at Recart)
  • Form Autofill (Only at Recart)
  • Abandonment Analytics

sales apps for shopify store

#6. Product Review

Shopify Product reviews allows you to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other to encourage sales.

Main Features:

  • Theme-friendly design: Reviews automatically match your store’s look and feel
  • Easy customization: Edit layout options, text and colours without needing to code
  • Bulk actions: Publish, hide, filter, and manage reviews quickly and easily
  • CSV import and Export: Import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet
  • SEO-friendly review scores: Add review scores to your Google search results.

sales apps for shopify store

#7. Ads

Ads is a free high quality Ecommerce Traffic which is a powerful and efficient way to increase sales for your store. The app has full ability to reach new customers interested in your products/services.

Ads offering:

  • No setup fees, or costs to get started. No credit card required.
  • Import your Shopify products for easy ad creation.
  • Target ads to your audience by location, gender, and category.
  • Real-time publisher & advertiser analytics to measure your progress.
  • Customize the look and feel for the ad units displayed on your store.
  • Freely select the pages/location to display the ad units on your store.
  • Simple installation. If you have any issues, we can do the install for you

sales apps for shopify store

8. Free Persistent Cart

With Remember My Cart, the free persistent cart app for Shopify, when customers login across multiple devices they will find their shopping cart waiting for them, ready to complete their order. Main feautures includes:

  • Increase revenue – The persistent cart app that reduces abandoned carts and increases orders
  • Fully automatic – Simply install and Remember My Cart works in the background
  • Absolutely free – No hidden costs

sales apps for shopify store

All in all, these are Top 8 Free Sale Apps for Shopify stores 2017 we want to share you. If you  are doing online bussiness and need some tips to increase sales, please take time and read our tips above. Surely you will be smarter and think creative ideas for your business. Besides, we also showcase you some our themes via some images above, if you want to try it on, don’t hesitate to go head. And in the process of using our theme, you meet any problems or wonders, please leave a below comment or contact us via email: We will check and support you well

Thanks a lot for watching!


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