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When planning to make an Ecommerce website, one of the very first thing you have to make decision is which kind of platform to use. There are a huge number of platforms out there and having enough knowledge about the advantages and drawbacks of each sort is an extremely important factor in finding the most suitable one. In fact, among the most widely used platforms, Shopify is known as a versatile and perfect one that can fit many kinds of business. Many users have used Shopify for a long time and recognized it as a one stop solution which enables shoppers to purchase with freedom. So, what are the reasons why they choose Shopify? Let’s understand together in the article below!

 1. With Shopify, everything can work well together

First of all, since Shopify along with other platforms (Volusion and BigCommerce) are built by one company, all pieces work together perfectly. No need to worry about the issue of compatibility anymore! Shopify builds website, shopping cart, payment, and inventory to all sync up well with no problems.

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2. Integration of great build-in features

One of the most salient strength of Shopify lies on its built-in features. Thanks to its poweful features, your website will be responsible for high security, fast speed and robust hosting, and you have great community building around the service. Unless you opt for WPengine in WordPress installation, all the essentialities of technical significance are handled with utmost professionalism.

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3. Simple backend administration

Another advantage that most users appreciate in Shopify is its simple backend administration. To manage a website, it often takes you a lot of time for many backend tasks like writing blogs, adding products, serving customers and many other administrative work. And if it is not optimized, you will lost a lot of time and meet unnecessary problems. Everything is totally different when you choose Shopify as platform. The entire drop down settings, paste-in Analytics fields and the setup checklists are perfectly synchronized.

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4. Great customer support

Shopify has its own dedicated support team in tandem with Caroline Schnapp that can give you immediate and useful support whenever there is a problem. It is an advantage over WordPress and many other generic platforms which are open source and completely rely on community support (i.e not right now).

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5. Various payment gateways

While WordPress or Margento users need to buy extra plugins or extentions to add each payment gateway, Shopify itself integrate many different choices of payment (almost all popular gateways) that can bring customer the most comfortable experience while making purchase. In addition, this can minimize the hesitations and canceled orders thus optimize your sale target. With Shopify, your customer will be able to handle payment efficiently with ease.

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6. Low cost

Shopify is a wonderful choice that can help you save and earn money efficiently. Themes and the integrated functionality of add-ons means your startup and operating costs can both remain quite low. With built-in features like abandoned cart recovery, the need for third-party applications is significantly reduced. Shopify is also a payment gateway, offering very competitive credit card rates. Both can help deliver more money to your bottom line. Overall, these cost savings are one of the most attractive reasons to take a very close look at Shopify, especially for some small kind of business.

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7. Various powerful apps in appstore

Both free and costly apps available in Shopify app store in order to provide more suitable choices for various kinds of users, from small business to large-scale company.

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In all, these are some main reasons why people prefer Shopify for their online store. Junothemes would like to share you in case you feel stranger and wonder whether should use Shopify for your online store or not. All of them are essential and useful knowledge surely you can’t ignore. Please spend a little time to read and think it over. Besides we also share you an article about Top 15+ Best Free Shopify Themes 2017. You can Start a free trial with one of these themes. If in the process of using, you meet any problems, please contact us via email support: support@junothemes.com or leave a comment below the article. We will reply you asap!
Thanks a lot!

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